There is hope in our soap!

Our Mission: Hope Soap Ohio manufactures and sells plant-based and natural skin and hair care products. Through transparency, compassion, purposefulness, sustainability, and diversity, our mission is to create products with high-quality ingredients that cater to all skin types. We also strive to provide those same high-quality products to the local homeless community.

Our Vision: Our vision is to have Hope Soap products in every home and provide high-quality hygiene products to those who are homeless.

Our Belief: It is our belief that quality is not a luxury, but a vital necessity

Our Values:

  1. Transparent - we do not hide the ingredients we use or where they come from

  2. Compassionate - we prioritize giving back to the community

  3. Purposeful - each one of our ingredients serves a greater purpose for your skin and hair

  4. Sustainable - we are environmentally conscious and use plantable and reusable packaging

  5. Diverse - we care about and have products for all skin types