Lavender is one of the most elegant plants existing, and is most commonly recognised by the heavenly scent it gives off. As soon as you’re in the vicinity of lavender you are blessed by its stunning natural aroma, but lavender isn’t just useful for its smell. There are a huge plethora of benefits that can be gained from the legendary lavender plant; they can range from enhancing food dishes to infusing cups of tea, but the ones that we are most focused on are the benefits for your skin, hair and health.

It is no secret nowadays that lavender is heavy utilized in the beauty industry, and is cleverly used to create natural products that possess a lovely scent. These natural products can be in the form of soaps, shower gels, aroma-to-go pens, hair oils and skin products, and here at Hope Soap Ohio, we are proud to offer so many lavender-infused natural products. Anyway, let’s discuss some of the benefits for our skin, hair and health…

Lavender, when used in skin care products, can assist an awful lot in eliminating those nasty skin problems you may be experiencing. Issues such as acne and eczema have been improved in a countless amount of cases with the use of lavender oil. Lavender consists of various anti-inflammatory and antiseptic features that help fight unwanted bacteria.

Additionally, lavender has also been proven to be effective on other skin problems as well. The oil can detoxify your skin and give maintain its vivacious look, it can help to heal burn tissue and can also treat insect bites very well.

Now, lavender can have incredible benefits on your hair. It not only helps to maintain a healthy head of hair and make it smell super, by conditioning your hair so dandruff and dry scalps do not occur, it can also prevent hair loss and subsequently treats the condition known as alopecia amazingly. Also, as many children are bound to get head lice at least once, lavender hair products can assist in treating those pesky pests.

Health is one of those things we all cherish, and lavender has so many advantages when it comes to your health. From insomnia related issues, to dreaded mental health issues such as anxiety and depression, lavender works wonders. Additionally, lavender oil can cure headaches, it can ensure digestion is happening optimally and it can also do a great job of relieving nausea.

O U R  P R O D U C T S
We have a multitude of different products than can get you started with lavender based products, and enable you to reap the advantages of the prestigious plant. First of all we have an amazing aroma-to-go pen called “Counting Sheep”, which promotes rest and relaxation and aims to give you a healthy 8 hours of sleep. We also boast of another product, “Chill Out”, which helps you do exactly what the name suggests. This product comes in either a shower gel or soap bar version, and consists of SO much lavender. Additionally, we can offer you a superb hair oil to protect those precious locks. Ophelia hair oil is infused with lavender and gives off an immense scent, whilst also keeping your hair healthy and vibrant.


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