Small Business Support: Why it Matters


As a locally-owned small business ourselves, Hope Soap would like to shed a little light on the importance of supporting small businesses. Without the love and support from our very own customers, the business would not be where it is today. However, support for small businesses still lacks for many reasons, and we think it is important to offer a different perspective.

Below is a list of reasons why you should support small businesses:


Customer service is more personal

With small businesses, you have the benefit of personally getting to know the staff because everyone is so close-knit and dedicated to serving you. More often than not, you get to personally know the owner of the business. With bigger companies, you may never meet the owner, unless you do a Google search. Unlike bigger corporations, small business owners usually make it a priority to build rapport among customers. They want to get to know you and your needs so they can cater to them in the best way. With a personal connection, you become more educated about the products and how they are created.


Giving back to the community

Small business owners are more likely to give back to the community. For Hope Soap in particular, a bar of soap is donated to those in need with every single purchase. Other small businesses do charitable work like this as well. Small business owners know how important it is to support other local businesses, charities and communities. Most small business owners are passionate about keeping money in the community as well, so they give back to help that cause and raise awareness.


Smaller production = more care

Since Hope Soap is a small business, our products are handmade in smaller batches. Because of this, the products are monitored more closely and produced with more care. With large businesses, mass production is required to keep up with supply and demand. This means more machines, and less hands on, careful production, which leads us to our next reason..


More jobs

Since mass production plays such a huge role for larger companies, more machinery and robots are being used, and less people are needed. Machines are replacing actual human beings and this is a big contributor to the unemployment rate.


With small businesses, the employees are hand-crafting and producing their products themselves, thus creating more job opportunities.


Expert craftsmanship

Finally, most small businesses start from a few willing people and a passion for a certain area. Creators of small businesses do their research and learn as much as they can, making them an expert in their particular craft. Hope Soap’s very own CEO, Nathan Walden, studied Naturopathy so he would be knowledgeable about ways to treat illnesses and conditions naturally. The makers of Hope Soap products are also well informed about each natural ingredient, where it comes from, and its benefits for your health, hair and skin.

The next time you decide to buy products from a big company like Walmart, think about whether your local community has small businesses that offer the products you need. Help these owners keep their businesses running with your support. Even if you cannot support financially, spreading the word goes a long really way!


Jordyn AustinComment