Spotlight: Cultured, LLC.


Hope Soap would like to take this time to shine some light on its Creative Director, Jeremy Seeden, who has just launched his very own clothing line, Cultured. With Jeremy being such a huge part of the success of Hope Soap, we are so proud of his ENDEAVORS.


Cultured is a clothing brand founded by Jeremy Seeden of Akron, Ohio that “embraces melanin one shirt at a time.” In an effort to bring more awareness and celebrate black culture, Jeremy wanted to create something that gives people of color a platform and a voice. With shirts that read, Black, Educated & Creative, Got Melanin?, Black Girl Magic, and many others, Jeremy hopes to encourage people of the black community to love and believe in themselves. In a society where it is very hard to go into a store and have your culture accurately represented, Jeremy wanted to give his community that opportunity.


Embracing one’s culture gives them a sense of hope in the achievements and advancements of not only themselves, but the peers who surround them, and the people who preceded them. And we at Hope Soap celebrate these efforts through our friendships, products for all skins types, and our support of black-owned businesses. It is so important that we provide quality products for everyone and support those who do so much to support us!


Here are some other small black-owned businesses and friends of Hope Soap. Be sure to check out their linked websites and social media for more on that they have to offer!

Jaron M. Legrair Studio - Vocal expert

Jordyn Imari - Creative writing, freelancer

Sky Blue Outerwear - Handmade outwear clothing and jewelry

Breanna Spratt - Crochet hair stylist

The Garrett Candle Co. - Handmade candles


As we embrace diversity and culture we hope you’ll do the same. Supporting minority-owned businesses helps continue to advance the pathway to equality. Every ounce of support matters.

Jordyn Austin