Have any questions or concerns? We're always ready to help! 

Send us an email at hopesoapohio@gmail.com

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How do I return an item? 

Send us an email at hopesoapohop@gmail.com explaining the reasoning for the return. Be as specific as possible and send us one product per email. We will respond promptly and do whatever we can to solve your problem.  

How can I get a list of ingredients for the products I am interested in purchasing? 

Send us an email briefly stating your request of ingredients and for which products. We'll be glad to send you a list! 

Do you offer wholesale orders?

Yes! Send us an email with the best way to contact you, the products you’re interested in, and we will send you a wholesale catalog! 

Can I get advice on which products are best for my skin?

We will do all we can to help with your skin care needs! That extends beyond making the commodities, and educating you on which products work best with your skin. Do not hesitate to email us and explain your skin type! We will gladly assist you.


Are your products organic? 

A lot of ingredients that we use are organic however some things we use are not. You are always welcome to email us and ask about specific items. 

What is the turn-around time for my order?

Most orders ship within a week. If we need more time, we will email you and let you know! 

Are the essential oils used in your products pure? 

Yes! We only use high grade, therapeutic grade, essential oils. To learn more about where we shop for our ingredients, please email us and we will be happy to inform you.